June 2017, OFN Core Group: Mark Dickson, Rhys Millar, Rayna Dickson, Sean Connelly, Kitty Caldwell, Jinty MacTavish and Sophie Carty.


Our Food Network (OFN) is a group of volunteers who want to create positive change within Dunedin’s food system.

OFN started as an informal group in 2012 by organising a Food Forum.  In 2013, the name "Our Food Network" was chosen and in 2016 we employed our "Ideas into Action Facilitator" through the support of Sustainable Dunedin City (SDC).

In 2018, we said goodbye to our friends in SDC to formerly become our own Incorporated Society.


Our Principles


The Network is open to anyone with any kind of interest in local food. Although it is based in Dunedin, it sets no physical “boundaries” for its operation. It encourages informed debate about the many issues concerning local food provision in our communities.


The Network is dedicated to providing positive and practical responses to the multiple challenges we face in the twenty-first century. A strong local food system is essential to our continued well-being in an increasingly uncertain world.


The Network strives to promote community action as the basis for a resilient society.

Food Rights

The Network believes all people have the right to decide what they eat and that everyone should have access to healthy food that is locally produced.

Our Objectives


To facilitate communication and coordination of local food related activities amongst network members and liaise with other local food networks in New Zealand and around the world.


To provide mechanisms for individuals, organisations and businesses to share information, ideas and resources to build a strong, collaborative, local food network.


To promote conscious participation in the local food system by producers, processors and consumers by encouraging and advertising activities such as positive food procurement practices, redistribution of excess food and easy identification of local food products.


To support food producers of all kinds and scale by helping to break down any barriers to increasing the quantity, quality and diversity of local food products.


To increase the significance of local food in our regional economy by promoting the interests of businesses (new and existing) involved in the production or distribution of local food on a commercial basis.


To ensure that we all have access to the knowledge we need to grow, process, store - and value – the food we consume.


To encourage the study of all aspects of our local food system and make the findings of those studies available to the wider community.


To engage with authorities at both regional and national level on issues relating to the sustainable production, processing and distribution of local food.


Social Justice

To support agencies working to ensure equitable access to food.


To celebrate the production, distribution and consumption of local food and promote or endorse events which enhance our local food culture


1st Food Forum
November 2012

Local Food Forum 2012 advert.jpg

2nd Food Forum
August 2013

Second food forum image.jpg

3rd Food Forum
November 2014

Food Forum 3 POSTER.jpg