We have created a few resources to help our volunteers with our projects.  Feel free to share or use these resources.

The VALUE of food image.jpg

The Value of Food

We have created a discussion page for circulation to get you thinking and talking about how we value local food.  Click on the link to download and circulate among your friends and colleagues.

OFN Neighbourhood Food Harvest Leaflet.jpg

Unwanted Food

We created a leaflet to post into letter boxes if you notice fruit on trees that does not get picked and seems to go to waste.  We can help harvest the fruit and leave some with the owner and deliver the rest to our local foodbank.

Pest and diseases info sheet-p1.jpg

Pest & Disease info sheet

We created an information sheet to help our volunteers spot pests and diseases when picking fruit that we can treat over winter.  Rory Harding from George Street Orchard was instrumental in creating this information. 

Information Sheet for volunteers.jpg

Information Sheet for volunteers

We have created an information sheet for our wonderful volunteers.

Information Sheet for Picking Coordinator p1.jpg

Information sheet for Picking Coordinator

We have created an information sheet specifically for the person who will coordinate the harvest.

Sample Calling Card & Record of Information-1.jpg

Sample Calling card

We have created an information sheet that we give to the owners of fruit trees once we have pruned the tree. It provides information on how to look after your tree over the year.
Please contact us if you are interested in this information: